Looking for a Solid Career? 5 Reasons to Consider the Low Voltage Industry

If you’re thinking about starting fresh at a young age, and you’re considering a trade over the high cost of college tuition, it’s time to take a serious look at becoming a Low Voltage Technician. There are many factors leading to opportunities for growth in this rapidly growing industry.

Here are five reasons to seriously consider the Low Voltage industry:

1. Training is affordable

Unlike other fields or college degrees, you don’t need to rack up student debt to get started. Low voltage technicians can be certified through training that’s relatively cheap. The ratio of cost to pay is extremely affordable and you can have a career in a high-demand industry with little to no debt. In some cases, you may be able to do paid work while training.

2. The industry is in high-demand

With the rise in construction and development, there’s a high-demand need for low voltage technicians in just about every state. Not only that, but there’s a great variety of work to do that comes with being a Low Voltage technician.
On top of that, advancement opportunities are very achievable within a short amount of time if you are a hard worker and a good learner.

3. Pay is good (and rising)

Over the last few years, the average Low Voltage technician pay has increased. At the same time, pay for other trades has decreased.
The cause is a simple matter of supply and demand. There’s a general shortage of skilled technicians due to the rise in the commercial development sector.
Starting pay can range from $15-$20/hr and rise to $30/hr+ with a few years of experience.

4. Evolution of smart tech

The evolution of smart buildings and smart cities will serve as a driving force for growth for the Low Voltage industry.

Analytics software, proactive monitoring of low-voltage systems, and smart building technology all major future influences for low-voltage contractors. As these opportunities and challenges increase, the single biggest issue in the industry may end up being the lack of skilled tradespeople to keep up with the demand.

5. People are retiring

The average age of Low Voltage technicians is over 50 years old! As the influx of these technicians retires, the demand to fill the gap will rise. This creates a perfect opportunity for young people to start a career with lots of potential.

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