Amazon & Buc-ee’s Employees: Are You Thinking Long-Term?

Starting Pay Isn’t Worth Lack of Growth & Advancement

While Amazon and Buc-ee’s offer competitive $15-$20/hour starting pay, there is very little room for long-term growth opportunites.

It’s no surprise these industries that offer higher starting pay have the highest turnover rates and lowest chances of growth opportunities within the company.

Despite Amazon’s starting pay, they have the 2nd highest turnover rate of any Fortune 500 company.  Why is this?

It’s actually is part of their business model. They incite new workers with $15/hour starting pay knowing they will eventually leave due to lack of growth and benefits.  The company has a policy of hiring temp contract workers who are let go after 11 months to save on benefits like medical coverage and paid vacation days.  With higher starting pay, they know they’ll never run out of fresh workers to replace… and the turnover cycle continues.

Young workers at these companies should think long-term stable careers in innovative, high demand fields.

These fields include Voice & Data as well as Low Voltage and they do NOT require a college degree to make good money.  With the current economy, builders and developers are building at a record rate and are in need of these types of jobs.

How does this benefit you as a current Amazon or Buc-ee’s employee?

Short-term, training is included and you’re almost guaranteed to get put on a job almost immediately at similar pay to what you’re earning now.

Long-Term Career Opportunities

Opportunites for growth in these fields are very high. The more technology advances, the higher demand these fields become.

The pay and long-term growth opportunities in Voice & Data and Low Voltage are nearly un-matched for 18-25 year olds with no college degrees.

According to ZipRecruiter, 61% of current Low Voltage workers earn between $32,500 – $49,999 per year.  With a little experience, annual range jumps up $60,000-$70,000.

This is a reason to consider long-term opportunities in these fields if you are a young hard worker looking for career stability.  While the starting pay is merely similar to Amazon and Buc-ee’s, the opportunity for growth, pay advancement and career stability far outweighs what they can offer.

With technology advancing and demand in these fields increasing, now is the perfect timing to get your foot in the door to a long-term career in a high demand field.

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