Stand Out – Your Military Advantage

stand out / verb / to be clearly better or more significant than someone or something else.

When you’re in the hunt for a new job, you need to know there are a lot of people just like you looking for the same thing. And while you may have the same skillset as them, it doesn’t mean you can’t use your military experience and background as an advantage to set yourself apart. At Flex Tech, we know being a military veteran has given you skills, training and mentality to change you from being an ideal candidate into one that really stands out.

Mission-Objective Mentality

You spent years in a culture that focused on mission achievement, cooperation and personal development. That mindset will impress any employer so bring that focus to your new job and you’ll excel at whatever project you’re working on.

Leadership Skills

As you moved through the ranks, you were trained how to lead and given plenty of opportunity to do so. Since developing leaders within a workforce can be a timely and costly venture, your leadership experience is a cost-effective benefit that will help you rise above the other candidates

Team Loyalty

There’s a French term that applies to most military groups. Esprit de corps. Literally translated, it means ‘spirit of the group.’ What it really means is that when you have a group of people that are affected by the others, each member takes responsibility for the group. When you start working for a company, you are loyal to them and you make their success your personal responsibility.

Technologically Savvy

Like a lot of military personnel, you probably worked with some complicated machinery and technology. That skill translates easily to the civilian world as it allows you to learn and adapt to new technology and tools.

Safety First

In the military, safety is priority one since carelessness can get you or your teammates killed. You’ve been trained from day one to take your job seriously and that mentality can’t be unlearned. Bringing that level of vigilance with you to your new job will make a real difference to any employer.

Intuition is Key

Contrary to popular belief, intuition isn’t something you’re born with. It’s something that’s learned through education, training and experience. Your military background has taught you to absorb as much information as possible from different sources. This gives you the ability to see things that most people don’t.

Speak Your Mind

While you were trained to obey orders, you were also taught to use your intuition to find the flaws in any plan and speak up about them. As a veteran, your willingness to tell your boss that something isn’t right could save time, money or a coworker’s life.

Construction Background

While it’s true that not all veterans have construction backgrounds, there are many that have experience working on teams that helped build or repaired buildings, airfields, bridges and other necessary infrastructure. And working on teams like that have taught you the importance of meeting deadlines, how to supervise and how to work in less than perfect conditions.

Between the skills and experience and the training and discipline, as a veteran, you’ll be sure to stand out to any employer with your military advantage.

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