The Five Things – Our Candidates

At Flex Tech, our job is to prepare you for success and do everything we can to help you find the perfect job. Part of that process is determining how you match up to our clients’ expectations. To do this, we always consider the Five Things.

Products & Service

Every experience you’ve had has helped make you the person you are today. And every product you’ve worked with, every job you’ve had and every class you’ve taken has given you a very personal and specific professional background. That’s why we need to know every relevant career and educational experience you’ve had. We’ll use that information to screen through existing jobs to find a position that fits you perfectly.


They say in business it’s not always about what you know, but rather who you know. To some degree, our industry can be the same way. Knowing who you’ve worked for in the past helps us determine what kind of company would be the best fit for you in the future. If you’ve spent time working on healthcare industry projects, we can assume you know the little unspoken details that a project at a hospital construction site would entail. And we can package that experience into a major selling point when promoting you to that client.


An important lesson to learn is that no matter what job you have, you’re always selling something. It could be a service, a product or an experience. It’s whatever the customer needs. And when it comes to dealing with customers, nothing beats a good working relationship. Every interaction you’ve had goes into building that relationship. Let us know about your interactions with your clients, from project meetings and pre-project walk-throughs to end-user training and post-project service calls, and we’ll leverage that experience into getting hired on.

Performance Measurements

Did you have goal setting at your last job? Did you meet or exceed them? Every client expects their employees to meet certain on-the-job criteria and knowing your record with past performance metrics goes a long way to letting them know you’re someone who gets results.

Competitive Advantage

No matter where you are in your career path, you have something that gives you a competitive advantage. Maybe it’s the experience you have with a specific system or maybe it’s a specific tool you’re an expert with. Take that and combine it with your product and service knowledge, your prior employers and the industries they serve, the relationships you’ve had with your customers or clients and your ability to meet or exceed the goals set before you. Added all together, they turn you into a complete package with big shiny bow on it.

And that makes you a gift every client wants to receive.

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