The Five Things – Our Clients

In order to offer up the best candidates to our clients, we make it a point to know as much about their business and operations as possible. To do this, we examine every client to determine the Five Things that make them successful.

Products & Service

Every client is different. They each offer specific services using products they’ve found to meet their needs most efficiently. In turn, their company becomes synonymous with those products and services. For example, years ago, Dell Computers made a name for itself offering a quality computer while specifically using Intel microprocessors. When we know the products and services offered by our clients, we’re able to sort through our talent pool and see which candidates have both a background in the service and experience with the product they use.


Just like we want to know as much about our clients, we like to know about the industries they serve as well. While one could argue that a building is a building, depending on the eventual use of that building, the construction, layout and design might be quite different from others being constructed. For example, the electrical needs of a new healthcare facility are very different from new commercial, industrial or manufacturing construction. The same can be said for multi-family units and educational and corporate campuses. Having specific knowledge of these types of construction allows us to find candidates with the right experience.

Sales Process

Knowing what our clients want is part of what makes Flex Tech successful. Are they looking for techs with project management experience? What about experience working with a specific type of tool or product? Have they been involved in the construction of healthcare facilities? To know what the client wants helps us sell them on specific candidates that will be fantastic matches for them.

Performance Measurements

How do you measure success? Project completion? Under budget? On time? Client satisfaction? Of course, every client expects these things, but knowing how much emphasis is put on each allows us to know what the client expects of the candidates we’re offering. This in turn gives us the ability to prepare our candidates so they know what is expected of the on the job.

Competitive Advantage

For our clients, our competitive advantage is the combination of the four things listed above. To know what product and services our clients offer, the industries they serve, the experience they’re looking for in a candidate and how they measure success, gives us the opportunity to provide them with tech candidates that have the experience they need and perform as expected.

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